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Dickens of a Christmas

Dickens of a Christmas will be held on Sunday 9th December 2018 from 10:00am until 4:00pm. It brings a taste of Victorian England to Olney. This very popular event attracts many thousands of visitors to enjoy the sense of days gone by. Stalls with all manner of merchandise fill the Market Place, the High Street and the Farmers Market is held on the same day offering many opportunities to purchase Christmas presents as well as supporting local charities.

Stallholders dress in outfits from the period and there is also the chance to visit one of three craft fairs. Olney Town Council organises 'Dickens', with councillors part of a subcommittee to ensure the smooth running of this significant event.

The Olney Pancake Race, Shrove Tuesday.

Dating back more than five hundred years, is held on Shrove Tuesday. The course is 415 yards long and is run from the Market Place to the Church at 11.55 a.m. Participants are women who must have lived in Olney for at least 3 months.

Competitors wear the traditional costume of a housewife, including a skirt, apron and head covering and must of course carry a frying pan containing a pancake. The winner, on crossing the line, must toss her pancake and she is then greeted by the verger with the traditional kiss of peace. The race is immediately followed by a Shriving service in the Parish Church when the official Olney and Liberal prizes are presented.



Olney's Cherry Fair

Olney's Cherry Fair was held on 17th June 2017. The Parish Church organises this 'Country Fair' with country dancing, tug of war, side-shows, produce stalls, teas and other refreshments. The name 'Cherry Fair' harks back to the days when the town of Olney produced a large cherry crop each year and the glut was sold off at the end of the harvest and the town had a holiday. Check the website of St.Peter and St.Paul Church for details close to the event. 


The next annual Duck and Raft Race in Olney is to be held on Sunday 1st July 2018.  It brings out the town to first watch hundreds of plastic ducks 'race' down the River Ouse watched by their sponsors. Then it is the turn of fit children, men and women who assemble a raft and then must paddle it along the river as it meanders around the town. At the finishing line by the towns 'steps' there are amusements and refreshments as well as live music.  The Duck and Raft races are organised by The Olney Group. For further information please visit their website  www.theolneygroup.org

Olney Town Fireworks

The annual spectacular is held at Recreation Ground and is organised by The Olney Group. For further information please visit their website  www.theolneygroup.org

Olney is a beautiful Buckinghamshire market town located about 12 miles from Milton Keynes, Northampton and Bedford (see map). Many visitors enjoy Olney's history and culture

Olney Town Council aims to represent the views of local people and to work with Milton Keynes Council (the local authority for the town) for the benefit of those who live and work here.

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