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Planning Application for 250 dwellings

Update on Outline Planning Application Ref. 17/00939/OUT made by Providence Land at Land West of Yardley Road and West of Aspreys, Olney

Milton Keynes Council Development Control Committee unanimously resolved to grant outline planning permission (with all matters reserved except access) for a residential development of up to 250 houses and associated public open space, car parking and community facilities including a multi-use community building last night, 8 February 2018. 

This resolution to grant will now allow the completion of a s.106 legal agreement to confirm a package of planning benefits to include 30% affordable housing, including affordable homes for local people, and a number of on-site and off-site improvements to education, leisure, recreation and sports, social infrastructure, public transport and highways totalling approximately £5,200,000.00 for the benefit of the town.

Olney Town Council has been working in partnership with Milton Keynes Council Officers and Members since the deferral of the planning application in December 2017 to agree the package of community benefits and the broad specification for the multi-use community hall, changing pavilion, recreational areas of open space, playing fields, play areas and new parking area within the proposed development as well as the wider package of on-site and off-site planning benefits.

The planning application was resolved to grant subject to 29 conditions including additional conditions and delivery trigger points negotiated by Olney Town Council. Given the scale and importance of the development in the context of the Olney Neighbourhood Plan, it was agreed that representatives from Olney Town Council should be engaged in the Reserved Matters design process with the developers to ensure that the scale, layout, appearance and landscaping proposals for the proposed dwellings, community building and community facilities are acceptable to Olney residents before submission to the Milton Keynes Council for approval.  This accords with the objectives of Neighbourhood Planning where communities who accept new development should have an input into its design.

Other conditions were negotiated to cover site phasing, pedestrian and cycle access connections to Aspreys by the 50th new dwelling (reduced from 180th dwelling) and the construction of the multi-use community building, car parking area, play areas and recreational areas of open space be laid out, constructed and handed over to Olney Town Council before the occupation of the 125th dwelling (reduced from the 180th new dwelling).

In addition, the safety of existing residents and residents of the new development who will walk their children to Olney Schools was considered.  Milton Keynes Council agreed with Olney Town Council that the delivery of all off-site highway improvements to include traffic calming measures and new signal controlled pedestrian crossings on Yardley Road and Aspreys should be constructed before the 1st occupation of any house on the new development to assist with pedestrian safety and to provide a network of safe connections to the town. 

In summary, Olney Town Council are pleased that following this decision approving the 250 homes at Sites D & E and the decision last year on the 50 home Site A by Milton Keynes Council, the site allocations totalling 300 new homes in the adopted Olney Neighbourhood Plan have been realised.  Importantly, these approvals have helped deliver Milton Keynes Council secure a 5 year housing land supply which will provide a sound basis to defend the town against further ‘speculative’ housing development.

Olney Town Council look forward to continuing the positive and proactive working relationship with the developers of these sites and other allocated sites in the Olney Neighbourhood Plan to deliver the new homes, including new affordable homes for local people, together with the essential on-site and off-site improvements to the physical, social, economic and environmental infrastructure of the town.  


9 February 2018

Planning app



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