Jane Varley

Jane Varley

I have lived in Olney for 35 years and my daughter attended school in the town.

My interests lie in the environment and sustainability. Protecting our natural environment is not only crucial for our food security, it is also immensely beneficial for our health and wellbeing. I am hoping to promote schemes within the town that support wildlife habitats, encourage insects to thrive and provide beautiful green spaces for everyone to enjoy. I would also like to work with the fantastic people of Olney to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change.

I am not averse to rolling my sleeves up and getting my hands dirty – so to speak, so I would also like to help with some of the amazing events that take place in the town.

I have worked as a magazine editor, an events organiser, a software trainer, a lecturer, and a freelance writer, but my current day jobs are as a bid writer for a local company, and as a manager of a Green Business Charity.


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