MUGA update

December 1, 2022

Olney Town Council have used S106 grant funding to upgrade the MUGA.

Unfortunately, by the time the contractors were available, the weather took a turn for the worse.

The various stages of the works rely on dry weather before the next stage can commence. As we are unlikely to tie in 10 days of dry weather with the contractors’ availability, we have decided to postpone the next stage until the spring and open it up as it is.

What remains to be done is the final colour coat and the various coloured lines for each sport.

The basketball back boards will be replaced now that we can get on it.

The good news is, it is useable as it is. We just won’t have the final coat and the lines on it until the spring.

Therefore, from Thursday 1st December, the court will be available to use.

It will be kept open for general use, unless it has been booked, then that booking will take priority.

We hope that users will respect and take care of this facility.

We have new LED lights installed, accessible by tokens and CCTV in the area for security purposes.

If you would like to book the court, please contact

Tel: (01234) 711679
Town Clerk: Jane Brushwood
Deputy Town Clerk: Rob Mungham
Admin Assistant: Laura Watts

The Olney Centre
High Street,
MK46 4EF

Tel: 01234 711679

Office hours are Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm.

The Olney Centre is a licensed venue for weddings. Rooms are also available for hire at The Olney Centre. If you wish to enquire about hiring a room or holding your wedding ceremony or reception at the venue please call the office on 01234 711679, email or complete and submit the online enquiry form.

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